Linear protections
Bellows in fiber, sewn bellows, aluminized bellows

Several types of bellows in fiber, high temperature bellows and silicone moulded bellows covered with fiber or leather are available as standard. Bellows suitable for guiding rails, slides, linear motion machines, laser machines, elevating tables…
Our way of making bellows allows us to meet all your dimensions.

After studying your request, we will offer you the bellows best suited to your needs. In standard manufacture, our bellows are made with stiffeners or rigid PVC guiding frames, in each fold, in order to get a better support and alignment of the bellows.
An unlimited number of guiding shapes can be produced on request.

The advantages :

  • Possibility of sewing a zip to make the installation of the bellows easier, without dismantling the mechanical parts.
  • Stainless steel blades for a perfect resistance to chips and sparks.

The options :

  • Tensioners
  • Sliding parts
  • Extension limiters
  • Hook-and-loop tapes
cat soufflets protection lineaire