Bellows for
elevating tables

Protect people and your equipment with our protective solutions for elevating tables :

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protection table élévatrice

Functions of a bellows for an elevating table

An elevating table is designed with a scissor system in order to ensure better extension while keeping high resistance.
However, these scissors can be dangerous for operators who work with an elevating table.
It is better to protect these scissors at their junction points in order to guarantee an optimal operation and a flawless level of safety, and also to avoid 'sudden' lowering.

The rectangular protective bellows for elevating tables has several essential roles :

  • Safety : to avoid an operator to be pinched when lowering the table.
  • Cleanliness : to prevent anything from slipping under the table.
  • Aesthetics : to hide the machanism of the table.

Our priority is to protect the operators

AFNOR has established safety requirements for elevating tables through the French standard (NF) EN 1570 + A1,
which specifies the appropriate technical measures to take in order to eliminate or reduce the risks caused by significant hazards (among
which we can find anti-scissor systems).


SPM offers different possible fibers depending on the surrounding constraints.

Type of aggression
  • Water, dust
  • Alcohols, acids and bases
  • Incandescent spatter and chips
  • Hydrocarbon splashes (oils, greases)
  • Puncture and tear
Ranking (under conditions)
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chip spatter
  • Abrasion
  • From -40 C° to +400 C°

Attributes and performances for each material

PVC coated polyester
  • Good protection against water, dust and some acidic environments
Polyurethane coated polyester
  • Good protection against chips, oils (ideal for machine tools) and abrasion
Viton coated glass
  • Very good resistance to chips, oils, sparks, high temperatures and chemical attacks


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