Protections for rods and cylinders
Moulded bellows

Due to their diversity in shapes, colours and qualities, our bellows are used in all fields of activity :

  • Protection of mechanical parts : robot arms, cylinder rods, axis and universal joint protections…
  • Decoration : industrial design, contemporary furniture, architecture, fashion...

Thanks to a very wide range of modular standard tools, we are able to handle your requests for cylindrical and cylindrical-conical shapes… in PVC, silicone, leather… Many quality products are available to us to meet your constraints and needs (you are looking for a more specific protective bellows for hydraulic cylinders…).

In case of a restricted compressed length, a thermical sticked and/or sewn fiber may be considered.

Our fiber and moulded bellows can be fitted with a zip allowing you to put them in place without dismantling any mechanical parts. To answer your needs even better several canvas are available, in particular for our silicone and high temperature bellows.

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